About Us

The Romanian Society of Oculoplastic Surgery is an autonomous, non-governmental and non-profit, professional medical organization with scientific and educational nature, which aims to bring together, apart from ophthalmologists and eye surgeons, physicians from other specialties whose professional and scientific concerns are related to oculoplastic surgery.

Our objectives:

a)      To improve the professional and scientific activity level of oculoplastic surgeons;

b)      To provide the continuing medical education for specialists through specific programs and the development of appropriate criteria for their periodic accreditation, together with other professional bodies;

c)       To improve patients ‘health education in order to promote this  overspecialization of ophthalmology;

d)      To develop our own programs and take part in the development of national research programs;

e)      To organize national and international medical scientific meetings;

f)       To publish specialized magazines;

g)      To address issues of medical ethics in collaboration with the College of Romanian Physicians  (C.R.P);

h)      To work with institutions of higher medical education, research institutes and other professional and scientific organizations, both national and international, in order to achieve the objectives stated above;

i)         To raise the awareness of public administration decision-makers and media to support the R.S.O.S in achieving its objectives and promoting the oculoplastic surgery – primarily for the benefit of patients;

j)        Other legal activities necessary to achieve its goals and objectives, including direct economic activities, provided they have an accessory character and be in close contact with the company’s goals.